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Making Middle School Memorable

Engage, Excite, Empower

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Mt. Ararat CrewWhat motivates us to work harder, be more innovative, and thus more effective in our schools?  According to Daniel Pink in his book Drive, there are three motivators that cut across cultures and professions—autonomy, mastery, and purpose.  The MAMLE Conference, Making Middle School Memorable: Engage, Excite, Empower, relates to all three of Pink’s motivators:

  • The concurrent sessions reflect the outstanding work educators do when they are given autonomy to develop approaches that engage, excite, and empower their students.
  • Attending the MAMLE conference provides an opportunity for middle grades educators to learn from one another and thus improve their mastery of working effectively with 10-14-year-olds.
  • Joining with middle grades educators from across our great state develops a sense of purpose that extends beyond preparing students for the next test or the next grade.  Rather, we join together to build a greater common purpose of  ensuring that all of our students thrive as they move through life.

John & JeffMaking Middle School Memorable: Engage, Excite, Empower will rejuvenate attendees’ commitment to teaching and learning with young adolescents.  Invariably, many will be inspired to adapt new ideas to their own situation back at school. Others will be driven to reflect on their own practice and work to make it more effective. The end result? More students will experience a learning environment that is engaging, exciting, and empowering.  Their middle school years will be memorable.

Each day of the conference will begin with a keynote related to our theme:

  • Thursday: Tom Burton—Magic and Motivation in the Middle
  • Friday: Maine author Phillip Hoose—If Adults Wouldn’t Do It, We Would: Stories of Youth Empowerment

Over the two days, we offer 30+ concurrent sessions.  That means there are over 900 possible combinations of sessions an attendee might put together! Every attendee will be able to customize the conference to fit their interests.

Here are just a few examples of how an attendee might personalize the conference offerings:

Sessions of high interest to….

School Leaders

  • Thursday’s keynote: Magic and Motivation in the Middle
  • Everyone’s a Leader
  • What Does Your Dash Stand For? Creating a Positive School Climate and Culture
  • Teaching the Verb: Meeting Standards Through project-Based learning
  • Leadership Roundtables
  • Family and Community Relationships
image of Mt. Ararat students
Mt. Ararat Middle School

Those seeking approaches that empower students and personalize learning

  • Friday’s keynote: If Adults Wouldn’t Do It, We Would: Stories of Youth Empowerment
  • Creating Curious, Curious, and Engaged Citizens
  • The Power of Stories
  • Spotlight on Integrated Curriculum
  • Group Challenges and Problem Solving
  • Teaching MCL: Putting Plans Into Practice
  • Voice and Choice
  • Port Clyde Fisheries Trail Map
  • Bringing the Samantha Smith Challenge to Your Classroom

Attendees wishing to deepen their understanding of effective literacy instruction in the middle grades

  • Let’s Unpack the Complex Text in Talking Walls: Discover Your World
  • Should You Paint Before You Write or Write Before You Paint?
  • Talking is Writing in the Air
  • Text Sets: Using 21st Century Schools to Teach MLR Standards
  • Using Meaningful Feedback to Foster a Growth Mindset

FullSizeRender 4Those who are new to the middle grades classroom

  • Teaming 101
  • So You Think You Know Middle School?
  • What’s New In the Wild World of Adolescent Brain Development Research?
  • Practical Strategies for Collecting Evidence
  • Everyone’s Invited: Interactive Strategies to Engage Students

Attendees looking to push their use of technology to the next level

  • Getting Started with Google Classroom’
  • Beyond the Basics of Google Classroom
  • Social Media in the Classroom
  • OMG! When Did They Do That? (MLTI)
  • iPads for Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Getting Back to “It’s All About the Learning”

Join Us for Making Middle School Memorable: Engage, Excite, Empower

Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center, Northport, Maine

October 22-23, 2015

Conference Sponsor
Conference Sponsor

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