Gadgets Spur Student Engagement!

Pat Dunphy from MSAD 59 in Madison shares her Google site below.  Click, read, and learn how to use your wireless mouse and laser pointer to actively involve your students in a lesson.  Pat will be presenting at the MAMLE Conference on Thursday, October 17–Attend her session to pick up some new strategies!

Education for the 21st Century – Patricia Dunphy, MSAD #59

In this day and age of budget cuts, and world event happening faster than textbooks can be printed; how do we get students the information they need to know to be successful?  A laptop, a projector, a pointer, and a Ladibug just might hold the answer.  Come explore the ways information and learning can be shared in any classroom, and don’t be afraid to “click”!     PENOBSCOT (EDUCATION CENTER)

Here’s the link to her google site.