MAMLE Awards

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MAMLE presents three awards annually:Janet Nesin Reynolds Outstanding Educator (More than 3 years experience)

Promising Middle Level Educator (preservice senior to 3 years experience)

Exemplary Practice (Individuals, teams and/or schools whose educational practices exemplify excellent middle level education in the state of Maine.)

All of these awards honor Maine middle level educators who exemplify MAMLE’s belief that effective schools and educators …

1. Meet the developmental needs of young adolescents.

2. Promote local professional development.

3. Promote a healthy work environment for both students and staff.

4. Exemplify high standards based on research.

5. Invite high participation by students, parents and/or community.

Click on the appropriate Google form for each award. Please make sure to fill out the applications before the June 1 deadline for the fall  MAMLE conference.

Janet Nesin-Reynolds Outstanding Middle Level Educator Award Application

Promising Middle Level Educator Award Application 

Exemplary Practice Award Application 

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